Welcome Telenor Customers

Telenor is transitioning all website services customers to SnapSite as of April 1st, 2024

See the official Telenor announcement

Smooth transition

As the original supplier of the web site builder to Telenor, SnapSite will simply take over direct control with no change to your website.

Consistent Pricing

Your account will renew at the rate your are currently paying to Telenor in Norwegian Kroner

Website Maintenance

You will be able to continue to edit your site in the same way, same login. 

For full service customers please use the Support link at the top to request updates.

First month Free!

Register your payment method by March 31st and your next renewal will be no charge.

(Google Advertising plans excluded)

Register from the Telenor site:

Telenor nettsidebygger

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